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What is a clinical study?

A clinical research study is designed to test new investigational drugs, devices, or procedures to see if they work and are safe. Clinical studies are an important step in making new medications available.

How can I obtain study information?

Please use the contact us form to obtain information on any of our studies, or visit the Studies page to find information on DRAC's current studies to determine if a particular study may be of benefit to you.

What are the qualifications to be in a clinical trial/study?

The qualifications to participate in each study vary according to the study itself. The qualifications to participate in an arthritis study vary drastically from the qualifications to participate in a migraine study. Please visit the studies page find out the qualifications for a particular study.

What can I expect during a clinical trial/study participation?

To determine if a new investigational drug is safe and effective, some study participants may take medication; others may take a placebo (sugar pill). If you decide to volunteer for a clinical study, you will learn about the potential risks and benefits of participating in a specific study when you review the study's "informed consent" form with study personnel. You will also learn that you will be carefully monitored by doctors, that government health authorities and a medical ethics group will oversee the research, and that you can stop participation freely at any time.

If you decide to participate in a particular study, you can expect to come in for an initial consultation for review of your medical history to determine your eligibility for participation in the study. As a participant you may be asked to visit a health care provider regularly, take medication, have laboratory and diagnostic tests conducted and you may be asked to modify your diet and exercise habits.

Who conducts and participants in a clinical trial/study?

The study is conducted by DRAC in conjunction with doctors, nurses government health authorities and a medical ethics group. Doctors carefully monitor your health and well being during the study in conjunction with the study coordinator that is assigned to your study